Call for Faculty Research Proposals

"The last date to submit the proposals is 13-12-2020."

VC’s Message

Founded in 1922 by an Act of Central Legislative Assembly, the University of Delhi is completing hundred years in less than five years time. The University of Delhi is the nation’s most sought after institution in tertiary education and attracts students and faculty from across India. The University comprises 16 Faculties, 87 post-graduate Departments and 78 colleges that are spread over length and breadth of India’s national capital – New Delhi. The University’s physical imagery epitomized by its two campuses in North and South reflects its glorious past and an inspiring present. The colonial buildings of the North Campus embedded in the lush northern Ridge are our national heritage currently housing various Departments of Faculty of Science, while the modern buildings in South Campus, nestled in the southern Ridge are the harbingers of cutting edge Science with application at their core. Between the ancestral and the contemporary the two campuses have earned an outstanding academic reputation,unmatched in India. As we prepare to celebrate the University’s centenary year we reflect on the remarkable journey of our institution marked by extraordinary contributions it has made to our country and indeed to the world at large. Among the University’s proud alumni are the Heads of the State of India and of many other nations, artists, poets, literary giants, historians, journalists, legal luminaries, scientists, economists, bureaucrats, defense personnel and diplomats. At the cusp of turning hundred, the University’s resolve to remain at the forefront of teaching-learning is even deeper and stronger with an agenda for excellence with equity and innovation with inclusion. The basic tenets of the University’s resolve to be an internationally renowned institution for teaching and research is captured in the attributes – Excel, Innovate, Empower, Inspire, Explore,Sustain, Engage and Transform. These attributes shall guide us to the next century of accomplishments and accolades.

Yogesh Kumar Tyagi

Vice Chancellor